What is Your Trojan Horse?

It breaks my heart that we have so many fighting cancer. Cancer starts by having something in our body that doesn’t belong. So everyone wake up and look at what you’re putting in your body! Does it really belong there?
What are you putting on/in your body?
Does it have ingredients that are not meant to be on your body or in your cells? I ask, “What are you breathing?” Candles, body spray, soap, and cleaners—almost all have cancer causing items in them or at least endocrine disrupters!
What is your thought-life like?
How do you handle emotions?
How are you coping with stress?
Do you exercise?
While I do believe we adapt as humans to our environment, I don’t believe we will ever be able to adapt to poison. I believe God created us to live in a beautiful garden, eating what He provided, and experiencing a relationship with Him. We were not created to live in the world we do today. Only about 5% of cancer is found to be inherited. So people, with about 50% of our population having to fight cancer, please start to adjust your ways!
This is not the same food our parents ate as children. This is not the same chemicals in our cleaners or those used as preservatives.
Don’t expect the government to make sure you are eating healthy and using healthy products.
Don’t wait to be sick before you change.
Start exercising and ask for help in dealing with your thoughts and emotions.
This is a war!
What is your Trojan horse?