Swimming for Fitness

What do you do to get moving? I love to swim! I grew up in Florida and spent my afternoons and summers in the pool. As I got older, swimming moved out of my life, mainly due to my move to Colorado. I had no desire to swim when I was surrounded by snow. Recently, I have gotten back into swimming both for fun and for fitness. My four kids love to swim, so we have fun and goof off together. I have enjoyed encouraging my oldest daughters with their strokes and proper form. My goal is 30 minutes of swimming three times a week. I have an old injury on my ankle that prevents me from doing any more than 15 min of cardio exercise on land. I love the water because it is so easy on my joints and allows me to enjoy cardio exercise without pain. It is a great overall body workout. People of any age can swim and get a really good workout. It boosts your metabolism, burns calories, and works every muscle in your body without the stress on your joints.

Worried about absorbing all that chlorine? Do you know that chlorine, magnesium and vitamin C all fight for the same receptor sites in our body? Before taking the plunge in a chlorine filled pool use some magnesium lotion or load up on vitamin C. Your body will absorb the vitamin or magnesium and not the chlorine. I love this tip because I love the the pool and do not need to worry about taking in another toxic chemical in my body.

Give your joints a vacation and dive into a new fitness routine. You will be glad you did!