On the Run Beauty Routine

By Dana Watson, New Mexico

I live a busy lifestyle and most days I have five or less minutes to take care of my face. I have learned that working full-time in the restaurant industry, and being around grease all day, you must find a little time to stop and care for your face. Here’s my go-to routine for a busy lifestyle on the run:

My go-to products are Orange Blossom Face Wash, Art Refreshing Toner, Satin Mint Face Scrub, and the Art System Gentle Cleanser.

Every night when I get home from work I use the Orange Blossom Face Wash straight out of the bottle, full strength. I let my face air dry then I follow with Art Refreshing Toner to balance out the pH levels. If I don’t use the toner my face feels clean but a bit tight and dry. I then let it dry and use Sheerlume Brightening Cream as my nighttime moisturizer. I usually wash my face with the Art System Gentle Cleanser in the morning and then I’m good to go.

On my days off, when I don’t encounter as much grease, I wash my face every night with a solution of two tablespoons of Orange Blossom Face Wash with 8 ozs. of water mixed in a foaming pump bottle. It works great for a face that has not encountered as much debris. I follow it with the Art System Toner and Sheerlume Brightening Cream.

For those times when my face needs a little more attention, or I feel a breakout coming on, I use the Satin Mint Face Scrub followed by the Art Gentle Cleanser and Art Refreshing Toner.

By following this routine I have had fewer breakouts and a much brighter, smoother face.