Maybe Someday


Such an elusive word in my life. I know I need it. But getting myself to a place where I crave it, want it, that is another story.

One of the things I know is I can’t exercise in the evening or I am up ’til dawn! Exercise is very invigorating for me. Now if only I can convince my dragging self in the morning to do it!

Let me layout some facts for you and myself. Maybe by doing so I will begin to wrap my brain around why I really need to do it.

After searching through many articles and reading through a few books these were a common thread among them. When you exercise, the following things may occur:

  • weight loss
  • improved health
  • a boost in your mood
  • improved sleep

Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that?

In Dr Don Colbert’s book The Seven Pillars of Health in the section on Fitness he shares this:

“Think of what happens when water sits for a long time in a cup, puddle, or pond. It eventually gets covered with slime and gunk, breeds disease, and becomes toxic. Think of those green algae-covered ponds you see when you drive through the country. That process is similar to what’s going on in many people’s bodies.

On the other hand, when water moves, life thrives. Running water is usually fresh water. Rivers and waterfalls are beautiful and inviting—alive. That’s a perfect picture of what exercise does. It refreshes your body and clears it of toxins and cellular garbage, sharpening your mind and giving you strength and energy.” pg 117-118

What it comes down to is discipline. Are you willing to go there? Me, I am on the fence at this point in time. I hope I can get to a place where I can throw that foot over the fence. Right now, I am not there, yet. Maybe some fresh sunshine would do the trick?