It’s a Whole New World When You Find Exercise You Enjoy!

Exercise or Fitness…while they aren’t four letter words, they may as well be for many people.  I used to be one of those people.

I was a walker for years only because I knew I needed to exercise.  But I never really enjoyed it. Although those years of pushing a stroller with my normally talkative kiddos were a break because sometimes that was the only time they were quiet, just looking around or even drifting off to sleep—so I did enjoy “exercise” then. But let’s get real…it was only the quiet I enjoyed.

I tried the running thing in junior high and got to where I could run for several miles without keeling over, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Literally like Forrest Gump, I just stopped running a couple of miles from home one day, walked the rest of the way home, and never ran again.

So fast forward many years past the walking by myself and the walking with a stroller to about 5 years ago:

I kept noticing this new exercise place in town that was a Reformer Pilates studio.  I knew nothing about it, but was so intrigued. Yet, I wouldn’t go try the free 1st time class because I don’t enjoy looking like I don’t know what I’m doing (a huge character flaw I know.)  However, over a few weeks’ period, I was around several people that were going there and loving the classes.  One wise friend made me promise I would go with her on the following Monday.  So with great apprehension, I showed up at 9am to experience my first Pilates class.  Obviously I was not able to do everything, however, I LOVED it! If you’ve never done Reformer Pilates, I like to describe it as a cross between being a trapeze artist and being at the OBGYN for your checkup.  At least that’s what it felt like at first! Our class was never more than 10 people since that was the number of reformers.  Our teacher was so good about coming by and helping us get the correct position in order for us to get the maximum benefit from each move and to keep us going at a good pace.

I couldn’t wait to go back and have continued 3-5 times per week for years! While I was so sore towards the beginning and as I moved up to the next level class, I was loving how I felt and how my body was looking.  That studio has since closed, but a gym in my town has several reformers so I go crazy-early in the morning and do it on my own since I remember so much from the years of classes I attended.

So, if you are still reading, you are wondering how this matters to you? It’s really just a long method of encouraging you to do several things:

  • Exercise…it’s not a four letter word!
  • Do not be afraid to try a new form or any form of exercise! You may not love the first thing you try, but keep at it!! Ask people whose appearance you like what exercise they do. You might find a class or way of exercising you never knew existed.
  • Don’t be like I was—instead, be willing to look like you don’t know what you are doing! Everyone was a beginner at one time or another.
  • You are going to feel SO much better, if you keep at it. It’s not always a bed of roses when the alarm goes off at 0-dark-thirty, but I know I always feel SO much better when I make myself get up and go.

Now, don’t think that you can’t take up walking as your form of exercise…it may be your favorite! And it only takes a good pair of tennis shoes. I can’t wait for you to find just that “perfect” form of exercise! You and your body will be so thankful you did.