Emotional Subluxations

By Dr. Shawnda Camp

I was first introduced to chiropractic following an auto accident where I was rear-ended on the highway by a semi on my way to school. It terrified me to drive on the highway and especially next to large trucks for several years. After two years of being a patient, my chiropractor asked if I would work with him. I jumped at the opportunity, thankful and expectant at all that I could learn. What I thought I would learn could not compare to what I was blessed to learn.

As I began working with him, he shared with me that chiropractic was so much more than neck and back pain. I learned that subluxation (misalignments of the spine and other joints) can occur for many reasons. I understood that subluxation occurred due to injuries; I was living that. He then told me about how chemicals and emotions could also cause subluxations. He told me such amazing stories and about how the body worked that I craved to learn more. I wanted to learn everything that he knew.

He one day expanded on the topic of emotional subluxations. He told me of a woman who had experienced hearing loss. She had not been born that way. He began working with her and discovered, much to her own surprise, that she lost her hearing when she was 5 years old. As she cried, she explained that at that tender age, she did not want to hear her parents argue any more. There are so many stories, but that is one that almost took my breath away and I will never forget.

At some point after my accident, I realized that I had a place in my back that I could not stand to be touched; it sent my skin crawling. It did not hurt but created such spasms and tension that I almost could not bear it. I never noticed it before the accident. When I was in chiropractic school, a friend of mine was working on me. I had just suffered my third miscarriage. I lost my son at almost 20 weeks gestation. I was a mess and stuffing it down to get through like most of us do. She found that spot and it was then that we came to the realization that there was an emotional tie to it. It was deep seated and grounded and had become an infectious disease and part of my identity. At that moment, the tears came. The memory immediately surfaced and I knew what it was, when it occurred, and all that was included with it. That was the first time I understood an emotional subluxation.

Looking back, I wonder how much faster I could have recovered and things could have been so different if I had understood it before. I have realized in life that things happen when and how they are supposed to. How we deal with them makes us who we are. My doctor mentioned it all to me. He saw the hunger for knowledge in my eyes. He admitted that he had to stop doing that type of work because it had affected him as well and he could not separate himself from it very well.

Now I look at my patients as well. People are hurting. They are hurting from things they have lied to themselves about for decades. We try to convince ourselves we are invincible and we have to (pardon the expression) suck it up and move along in this world. I believe many times we don’t want to take the time to heal and deal, or we simply cannot imagine where to start.

When people come in for the first time and ask why they are in the shape they are in, I try to lay the ground work to the possibilities. Many people may not even remember ever hearing me mention the three types of subluxation (physical, chemical, and emotional.) When I feel they are open or it is so undeniably stirred up in me that I cannot ignore it, I will remind them of the ramifications that one’s emotional health can have on them. At times, you see the light bulb moment. Other times, I encourage them to think and pray on it. Some may never be ready for that truth or possibility. It goes against our analytical thinking. You cannot separate man from spirit. I heard one doctor say that you can be subluxated from God. I believe this. We experience disconnect on so many levels and different times in our lives.

I struggle in my own practice about what to do about the emotional subluxations that we all have on some level. I know my faith in God and my relationship with Him is what has gotten me through many terrible things and brought me such joy. Often, there are not words, and all I can do is pray for my patients and try to point them in the right direction when I feel these misalignments are beyond what I am equipped to handle. I have been so excited to be able to offer Raindrop Technique in my practice to help people with these emotional subluxations. Sometimes just making one aware of it helps them move forward. Other times, it needs more work and guidance. I realized that I do not have to be a specialist in every area, although I want to do as much as I can to help others. This is where I feel thankful to have help. I cannot tell you the difference I can see and feel in people after they have had a breakthrough. It excites me! I want everyone better and living up to his/her God-given potential so that they can complete the work He has for us all to do. Sometimes we cannot hear Him because of our own “stuff.”

For the last year I have been personally struggling with some things. It has been going on for several years, but it really got to be unbearable in the last year. I kept saying to myself, “Today will be better. This week will be better.” The cycle was terrible. It was trickling into every area of my life. I began really seeking God’s wisdom in this in the summer of 2015. Slowly and surely, the layers began coming off. I prayed for God to show me. I learned to be ready for the answer when you ask why. In the past, I had not been ready to hear it, but finally I had enough and really began listening and not crying out so much.

Raindrop has helped me with this. I had my first experience in January. I did not quite know what to expect. I knew I trusted my Certified Raindrop Specialist and put myself in her hands expectantly. I wasn’t really clear on what I needed. Sometimes that is best. I believe it makes us more open to possibilities versus thinking that I know what I need and not asking for what is best.

I will say that with each Raindrop experience, another layer is being removed. I so look forward to them. The weight is being lifted. I am so thankful for her and for what God is doing in my life through Raindrop Technique. My family is beginning to reap the benefits of the changes. I can see it in everyone’s faces. I feel more calm and peaceful in my soul.

About the Author


Dr. Shawnda Camp has been a chiropractor since 2002, and she opened her own practice, New Hope Chiropractic, inBurleson, TX in 2007. She is married with 5 children and enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, being outdoors, cooking, and learning. http://www.drshawndacamp.com/