I received a raindrop after experiencing panic attacks and high anxiety due to a traumatic house fire. I could tell a difference that very night in my ability to think clearer. The panic attacks all but disappeared over the next couple days, and did not return after a week. The process itself was actually very non-invasive & quite soothing to the mind, body, & soul. I highly recommend!

~Anonymous, Missouri

If you haven't experienced a Raindrop with Revive Seven...I highly recommend making time for your emotional health and wellness. I was blessed in October 2016 and it was amazing. It's filled with love, prayer, and release. I have experienced raindrops before this and have given many myself, but this raindrop was filled with the love of God. That is the only way I can describe the difference between other raindrops and this one. I have benefited from all my raindrops in one-way or another. But, I had been praying for more release...I was emotionally stuck! The ladies, Jennifer and Kelle, were spot on with every emotion that came to the surface for me. Fear and a wall around my heart were strongholds for me. It explained why I was having a hard time releasing it without the hand of God present. It is truly an experience you don't want to miss.

I was asked how would I encourage someone before they received the Emotional Release Raindrop…well…be open and receptive to what God wants you to learn and release. Being emotionally open is not always easy for people. Growing up I was raised in a home of fear and taught to stuff your feelings, which has made it so challenging for me to have breakthroughs on my own. But this was such a loving supportive environment, that for me, I felt safe to do my part and 'Receive' (I'm a giver not a receiver). I let go and just received the love that I felt in the room. Breaking down emotional barriers can be scary for some. We have a tendency to be afraid of what may come up…will I be able to handle it? My opinion is…God is not going to bring something to the surface that we are not ready to deal with. We have many emotional layers to sift through. It is much like peeling an onion one layer at a time. I was blessed to release many layers (I have so many more layers to peel back) with this raindrop, but I HAVE been working on my own emotions for the past year. With that being said, I was more open and receptive this time to releasing things that were hindering my life. I believe being open and receptive is key. You may not be as closed off to your emotions as I am. Crying was a stumbling block that I really needed to release. That was scary for me…crying in front of people was frowned upon when I was a child. But when my raindrop was over and I was resting with the peppermint on my back I did begin to cry…and it was ok. I felt safe. These ladies held no judgment in the room.

I would also tell someone that everyone is different and they may not be ready to go 'that' deep even though they may want to, but this will definitely help them along their journey to get to that place. When the Raindrop was complete and they shared what came up during the raindrop I was floored…it was all accurate...fear and a wall around my heart…no one but God knew that. Jennifer even shared with me, a vision that she had that morning before the raindrop. No one but God would have known how many burdens I choose to carry around. The tears began to flow and I truly felt like I could release all those burdens to God. A few days later, I realized I was still carrying my parent’s burdens and they passed away many years ago. We hold on to things that we don’t even realize. Not until she revealed the vision did I give myself permission to see that I was doing just that. I do believe that an angel was present. When my feet were being worked on I felt a presence next to my head on the left side of me and saw firework purple flashes before my eyes. I asked the ladies if at any point they were standing there and they both said…no. I wasn’t afraid, I knew that the angel was sent to help me through the rough patches; I wanted and needed to release. For me, this experience was transformational!

~Kendel, Texas