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Developing Hospitality

As I sat down to broach this topic of hospitality, I laughed to myself, as I’m not often hospitable. How can I write about something I don’t excel in? I began to reflect on someone who exhibits hospitality. Instantly Evon McDonald came to mind. I know Evon through Young Living, and I’ve been a guest of…

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Insomnia: Insights into the Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional

Let me start out by saying I’m not a physician. I’m a Christian with a biology background and trained in the dental field, but I also have some understanding of the “natural” world. I believe God has given me some insight into this condition. Circadian rhythm is an important part of sleep. Have you ever…

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For The Wages of Sin is Death

Humans. We think we’re so smart. We’ve got it all figured out, right? WRONG. SO VERY WRONG. “For the wages of sin is death…” the Scripture reads. Don’t we think that most of the Bible is one big allegory? When reading The Word, we need to consider three aspects: 1) physical, 2) emotional, and 3)…

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