Michelle Gerdes

North Richland Hills, Texas

Michelle Gerdes is happiest when surrounded by lots of people. With a gift of hospitality and a knack for hosting a crowd, she thrives on being around others. Michelle’s sensitive spirit and ability to read the emotions of others allow her to empathize with people in a unique way that fuels her passion of helping people achieve health, success, and satisfaction in their lives. She is able to inspire others to discover their potential and can bring out the leader in everyone she meets or create community among a group of strangers. Michelle loves to support her four talented children in their theater endeavors and looks for opportunities to turn field trips and family vacations into homeschool learning opportunities. When she needs to refuel, Michelle might seek the solitude of a quiet place or a road trip get-away with her husband, CE. Michelle has recently become a CHNP, CRTS, and LSH. She is also working toward her Doctor in Naturopathy.


Michelle is available for Speaking Engagements.

Her calendar is full with private events at this time.  Please contact her directly to schedule a class.



Michelle Gerdes is available to teach classes on the following subjects:

  • Emotions & Our Body
  • Healing in the Bible
  • Health & Wellness
  • Meal Planning
  • Family Budgeting Tips
  • How to Hear from God