By Jennifer McCraw | August 18, 2017

Does the thought of having people over stress you out? Maybe you break out into a sweat at the mere thought of someone “dropping by” unannounced or when someone asks you to host a small group at your house. Do you automatically search for a location for all of your planned events and birthday parties? If…

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Developing Hospitality

By Landis Felts | August 7, 2017

As I sat down to broach this topic of hospitality, I laughed to myself, as I’m not often hospitable. How can I write about something I don’t excel in? I began to reflect on someone who exhibits hospitality. Instantly Evon McDonald came to mind. I know Evon through Young Living, and I’ve been a guest of…

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Passionate Generosity

By GuestAuthor | July 28, 2017

Recently, while on a mission trip with LST (Let’s Start Talking), I was reading through the book of Acts with my friends Maria and Irena.  We were reading about some of Jesus’ first followers after he had been crucified and risen. They had no home and were traveling through Jerusalem where they heard about Jesus and stuck around so that…

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Insomnia: Insights into the Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional

By Landis Felts | July 18, 2017

Let me start out by saying I’m not a physician. I’m a Christian with a biology background and trained in the dental field, but I also have some understanding of the “natural” world. I believe God has given me some insight into this condition. Circadian rhythm is an important part of sleep. Have you ever…

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And Just Like That

By Jennifer McCraw | July 10, 2017

Dear Mom with toddlers and babies, I remember being you. I remember sleepless nights and days spent playing play dough, swinging on swings, and catching butterflies. I remember craving adult conversation after days-on-end of conversing with little people with limited vocabularies. I remember moments of hopelessness and feeling utterly alone in the constant “neediness” that…

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Our Take on Kids and Allowances

By Kara Mayfield | June 12, 2017

Disclaimer: This is such a touchy subject and carries opinions that cover the spectrum. I know, because I’ve read many of these through the years as we have worked to figure out the best allowance system for our family. I’ve decided that’s what it takes…. doing what best works for your family and being willing…

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By Kelle Gibson | June 6, 2017

Summer is here. It’s a time when the shoes start coming off! Don’t you love the feeling of soft grass against your feet? Or walking barefoot on a sandy beach? It feels relaxing and energizing at the same time! Many people describe a sense of well-being when they walk barefoot on the Earth. Research reveals scientific…

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Personal Finance

By GuestAuthor | May 26, 2017

Personal finances are something my husband and I have talked a lot about recently. We are approaching the first anniversary of me quitting my teaching job to stay at home with our 2 wonderful boys. This decision meant giving up half of what we were used to living on. It was a decision we made with some…

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Cluttered Thoughts on Spring Cleaning

By Kelle Gibson | May 19, 2017

Spring is here! It’s a time for sunshine, fun, flowers, and…cleaning! Spring cleaning is my least favorite part about spring. I’ll admit that I may have been negatively influenced by my favorite childhood TV shows, “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Bewitched”. I remember being faced with a dirty kitchen to clean and thinking to myself…”I…

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