Landis Felts

Midland, Texas

Landis Felts is someone you can come to with just about any problem. She is gifted at seeing situations from all angles and empowering her friends to find the best solutions for themselves. Her passion for discipling other believers and helping them to realize God’s calling on their lives draws people to her. Relaxed weekend days might find Landis spending time with her 2 adolescent boys and her husband, Robert, while expertly working her knitting needles and watching a sporting event. Few things excite her as much as football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, or pretty much any sport that a Baylor team is playing. Landis’s friends know they need to set aside plenty of time before calling her because Landis loves to talk and share. However, making time is always worthwhile because she is also a wonderful listener and has a great deal of insight and wisdom to share.


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