Kelle Gibson

Ft. Worth, Texas

When Kelle Gibson has something to say, everyone stops to listen. This is because Kelle is an extremely insightful woman of few words. She is an expert listener, and those who patiently allow her time to process are privileged when she shares her heart and imparts wisdom. Kelle’s childhood dream was to be a wife and mom, and she has carried out this call with grace and beauty. She and her husband, Mike, boast four responsible, kind-hearted teenage/young adult children who are blessed to call her mom. Kelle and two of her kids will embark on their first foreign mission trip in 2016, and she looks forward to future trips with humble anticipation.



One-on-One meetings to get you started or move you forward in your understanding of essential oils and their uses.


Introduction to Essential Oils classes -  invite a few friends and learn together!

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