Fun…It must come with a wig!

There is this super group of young couples at our church (of which we are several years older than and in a different stage of life from) that we somehow ended up at dinner with on a church outing last fall.  Because of our work and volunteer commitments and the commitments of our kids, we don’t often get out like this.  So, when they began sharing that they wanted to have a murder mystery dinner around Halloween, I wanted so much to be part of this because it sounded so fun.  (You are now realizing how little it takes to entertain me and that my fun level is pretty low.) Therefore, I hinted they could use our house for this party….I’m shameless.  So, fast forward to the week of this Murder Mystery Dinner and my real self (fun is having time to read a good book) was absolutely dreading this dinner.

We were just providing the house and everyone was bringing food to contribute to the dinner, so there really wasn’t any preparation I had to do except to get Mark and my costumes together.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned that the theme was 80’s Prom. (I was in high school during this time, but sadly didn’t have any of my dresses from these days.) I don’t like that I don’t want to have fun…it’s just a fuddy-duddy rut I’ve gotten in.  So, with my bad attitude I rushed around to several second-hand stores looking for just the right clothes for us.  I quickly realized we were going to need some 80’s type hair wigs to really pull off our outfits and this is another time when Amazon Prime comes in so handy!  (How ever did we survive before this wonderful invention??)

It’s time to Party!!

Murder Mystery FunWell, the night of the party arrived and we donned our 80’s clothes, prom flowers and our wigs.  We had received copies of our character descriptions several weeks before and were to be in character, so when I put on that blonde wig I became Sally Social.  Let me tell you…. I had the BEST time that night.  I said and did things I never would normally and had so much fun interacting with people I don’t normally have the opportunity to be around and did lots of laughing.  What’s crazy is that I even won the award as the Most Dramatic/Into Their Part—-remember this is the same person that was DREADING this party just a few hours before it began.

So, what did I learn from this night?

1. I need to have fun more often.

2. When I put on a blonde wig with bad highlights, I’m going to have a fabulous time!

3. My pre-teen daughter that helped with the evening got to see us doing something fun and to join in with us.  It was really a very special evening and one I will remember with a big grin and reminder that maybe blondes do have more fun!

What do you hear about that sounds fun that you need to make happen?