I Will Never

[dropcap1]How[/dropcap1] many times as an adult, and especially as a soon-to-be parent, or a parent of little ones, did I say these words?  I WILL NEVER…. Oh my goodness, how many times have these words come back to bite me?  Why has it taken me 16+ years as a parent to realize that I need to bite my tongue when those words begin to come out of my mouth in reference to something I am never going to do or allow my kids to do.  

Let’s see…I have said, “I will never” about driving a minivan and I did make that mistake for about 4 years. 

I remember saying as a kid that “I will never” drive a station wagon and let me tell you that I am driving my second cross-country wagon, which is basically just a 21st century station wagon and I love it!  (Obviously, since I’m driving my 2nd one by choice!)

I also remember saying many times as a young parent, “I will never” pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to send my girls to sleep-away camp for several weeks!  The camp they can go to with their church group is more than ok for them!  Why would you do that and then would ridicule those people who did. 

Excuse me while I eat those words

Well, you guessed it!  In June our daughters went to sleep-away camp (for 5 years now), hundreds of miles from our house for two weeks.  There are several in our state, but for many reasons that make perfect sense to us…we drive over 500 miles each way to take them to a camp 2 states away.  So, not only do we do what I said I never would–we spend hours and hours doing so. 

Isn’t life hilarious?!  Just imagine if we truly never did what we spontaneously spout off in a moment of stupidity things we say we will never do!  We might possibly be missing out on so many amazing opportunities for ourselves and even our kids because we think we are just so smart and wise!  Little do we know what life and/or God has up His sleeve for us! 

For example, this camp our girls go to has been pivotal to them feeling comfortable in places where they know no one; because it has forced them to make new friends since they have known no one the first year or two they went to camp.  What an incredible skill in life, but how awesome for them to learn this at such young ages!  I know adults that have a hard time doing this because they have always been in situations where they know everyone.  It has also helped my girls realize they can survive, and even thrive, with mom & dad hundreds of miles away. (Yes, we drive home after delivering them to camp.) There are so many kids today who are not allowed to experience independence from their always hovering parents.

 We all have things that we have said, “I will never” to that we truly never do…I wonder if some of those we were supposed to follow through with, but our stubborn pride and thinking we knew it all kept us from it? Don’t get me wrong–there are many things that I have said, “I will never”, that were indeed things that I never needed or had any business doing.  This is not a post giving you permission to do everything that comes your way. But it is to get you to thinking about those things that maybe you should allow yourself to see if there is something that you have said is a “never” thing that just might be the very best thing you could be doing for you and your family?

Back to the van

Remember earlier when I shared about saying I would never drive a van?  Well, that is one that quickly wore off once the reality of keeping that thing picked up and being able to see other cars when changing lanes.  It probably should have stayed a “I will never”.

What are your, “I will Never’s” that you are so glad you do and those things that maybe you need to take a second look at? They might be something that becomes the biggest blessing for you and your family; that you would never have known about if you hadn’t followed up on because your pride was too large to admit you might have been wrong when you spouted off those words, “I will never!”.