Developing Hospitality

As I sat down to broach this topic of hospitality, I laughed to myself, as I’m not often hospitable. How can I write about something I don’t excel in? I began to reflect on someone who exhibits hospitality. Instantly Evon McDonald came to mind.

I know Evon through Young Living, and I’ve been a guest of her and David’s twice. What a blessing! I decided to interview her about this gifting she possesses. This is how our conversation began:


H = a house where the owner welcomes strangers to abide

O = open heart: a place where one is welcomed with an open heart, genuine and caring

S = secure: to ensure our guest can sleep without concern

P = peace: our sunrises give promise and our sunsets give peace

I = inviting: a place that provokes the soul to awaken and revive

T = trust: a place where trust is built in unforgettable moments

A = angels: entertaining angels unaware…who knows?

L = listen: a place where the host has two ears and one mouth and uses them accordingly

I = informative: where you can gather knowledge as well as share it

T = together: in the sharing warmth of other guests

Y = YOU: are our Number One: OUR Guest


She admitted to me she didn’t grow up in a hospitable home, but it’s a skill she has learned as her faith and Young Living business have grown. “One must be willing to let go, no perfectionism. Servitude—that’s where the gifting lies.” Prior to these changes in her life, she didn’t even want to have company.

David & Evon began to transition to Hebraic Roots as Christians. In doing so, they celebrate Shabbat every Friday evening. Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. It is the Sabbath. They began by inviting people into their home for Shabbat dinner. Everyone brings a covered dish and fellowship often lasts until late into the evening. Fellow worshippers sometimes stay overnight, and Scriptural study begins again Saturday morning. In my inquisition, I learned from Evon that rest, the true meaning of Sabbath, occurs during these weekend worship events because awakening and reviving spiritually is a result of the study of the Bible. Funny, because I have never felt rested after a weekend of “hospitality.”

She began to look at this act of opening her home in the same way it is demonstrated throughout the Bible: “There’s no such thing as inconvenience. There are no secrets; there’s no part of my home that’s not open for guests. You begin to look at people through His eyes rather than your own.”

Those worship events led her to open her home to her Young Living downline. “I love hosting groups of people. I can listen to the others interact and mingle and learn along the way. It’s just my job to facilitate them.”

I asked, “Would you have ever known this was a gifting if it weren’t for these things?” Her reply spoke volumes, “If you’re not living where God wants you to live, where you’re ordained, can you ever function in the giftings He provides?” Selah (pause and calmly think on that).

We then settled on the bottom line of hospitality: It’s all about relationship, community, family. The Word says that iron sharpens iron. It also says to not forsake yourself the assembling of the saints. This isn’t about making an impression, being sure everything is and stays perfect, and checking boxes for others. It’s the relationship God modeled for us that we are to share with others. How else can others see Him if we don’t model?

Sit and reflect on these wise words. Your life is sure to change drastically for the better.