Cluttered Thoughts on Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! It’s a time for sunshine, fun, flowers, and…cleaning! Spring cleaning is my least favorite part about spring. I’ll admit that I may have been negatively influenced by my favorite childhood TV shows, “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Bewitched”. I remember being faced with a dirty kitchen to clean and thinking to myself…”I wish I was like Jeannie or Samantha! Then I could just nod my head or wiggle my nose and this work would be done!”

Through the years, I have read many books on the topic of cleaning and organizing, because I’d much rather read and research the best way to do it rather than just do it! I have picked up a few bits of wisdom along the way…which I will share…but please, no eye-rolling from those of you who were born with this knowledge! is a great resource. My takeaways from my time there are:
1) Start with baby steps.
2) Build habits.
3) You can’t organize clutter.

Another source of help is Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell.
It is a great system to follow. Arm yourself with the proper tools, follow the rules, and you’ll be done before you know it! One bit of advice I remember specifically deals with clutter. He says that it’s okay to keep things…but you should set a number and stick to it. For instance, if you decide that you must save empty Kombucha bottles, decide how many you need and only keep that many…not the whole case-full that you got on the cheap at a discount store.

Don Aslett answers questions such as Do I Dust or Vacuum First? in his book by the same name. He points out that clutter can suck the energy right out of you because on some level you are trying to keep up with it all.

And the Konmarie method found in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up shows you how to let go of all the things that fail to spark joy within you.

It seems like the common theme, besides just doing it, is ridding your home of unnecessary clutter!

The worst part of cleaning is dealing with everything that’s in the way. Having to clear the countertop before wiping it down. Picking up everything on the floor before you can vacuum!

The things that lay around and clutter the house are the things we use all the time. The problem is that the drawers and cabinets are often so full of things that aren’t being used so that there is no room left.

So let’s have a spring fling and clear out our drawers and cabinets so we have the room to put away our favorite stuff! Let’s clear it out so our minds can breathe a deep breath and focus on what is really important to us!