Passionate Generosity

Recently, while on a mission trip with LST (Let’s Start Talking), I was reading through the book of Acts with my friends Maria and Irena.  We were reading about some of Jesus’ first followers after he had been crucified and risen. They had no home and were traveling through Jerusalem where they heard about Jesus and stuck around so that they could learn more.

Jesus’ disciples who lived in Jerusalem took care of the travelers by sharing everything they had with them. The whole group of new followers and Jesus’ apostles were united in their thinking and shared everything so that no one was in need.  Everyone in their group who owned fields or houses sold them and used the proceeds to provide for the needs of group . God blessed the believers so much so that none of them could say that they needed anything.

God loves it when the giver delights in the giving.  

Reading this put me in awe of the generosity shown by the followers of Christ.  What great faith they had to give up so much for some travelers they had just met!

God calls us to a life of passionate generosity.

With our money.

Our schedule.

Our willingness to encourage.

Our willingness to serve.

Larisa Gibson is a photographer from Fort Worth, Texas who recently returned from a short-term mission to Croatia. She loves adventure, whether it involves exploring nature or meeting new people.