Apathy. That’s where I’d found myself. Emotional indifference. But why? It’s easier that way; you don’t get hurt…again. And then I looked up and noticed that there are literally millions of us that are functioning that way.

Christ was anything but indifferent, and don’t we claim to be Christ-followers and imitators as Christians? How many scriptures point out Jesus’ compassion for individuals, much less for all of mankind? It’s limitless. Compassion, i.e. love, is at the root of EVERY word spoken and action taken.

Galatians 5:22 lists the fruit of the Spirit, the first one being love. 1 Corinthians 13 says that without love, we are nothing. Look at your heart. Do you have walls built around it to protect you from the unloving? Those that have hurt you? You may not even recognize it at first. Try it this way: Are there people around you with whom you are emotionally indifferent? Do you tolerate their presence rather than reveling in it? Is it too costly for you to hope and pray for them since you may be let down?

Heart walls are the devil’s way to keep the light of Christ INSIDE. Jesus could never bury His light. He wore it on His face, in His words, and through His hands. What’s the difference between Christ and ourselves? Jesus had no emotional baggage he carried. Isaiah says that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Why? As soon as that weapon was formed, Jesus handed it off to God so that He could fight the battle for Him. If we don’t do the same, that weapon prospers and leaves us marred; protective mechanisms go in place. And the side effect–the flow of love coming to the inside of you is dammed; healing power is shut off.

Open yourself to love. You’ll have to bring the walls down, but when you do, healing will occur and you will bear compassion. Apathy will dissipate and love will overflow to those who need it most. Then you’ll make the enemy regret any pain he’s ever caused.