Some of my favorite things!

by Megan Roberts

CortiStop Supplement

According to Young Living, the CortiStop supplement is designed to help support the female glandular system and maintain balanced cortisol levels in the body. Increased amounts of cortisol are produced when the body is under stress. Increased stress and increased cortisol can lead to fatigue, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, and other negative health concerns.

It is recommended that you take 2 capsules before breakfast for 8 weeks and then stop for 2-4 weeks before resuming. I used this supplement as recommended for a total of 3 months. While using this supplement, I noticed improvement in my energy level and overall mood. When I went online to order more CortiStop I noticed it was sold out. It’s so great that everyone is using it! I quickly started researching other supplements and/or oils that are similar to CortiStop. I read about the oil blend EndoFlex and realized that I already had it in my oil collection. As soon as the 4 weeks of not CortiStop ended, I started using EndoFlex on my neck every morning and again around 3:00pm. That’s when my body told me it needed it so those are the times I chose. I am loving the EndoFlex! I may even like EndoFlex more than CortiStop because of the price, and it’s a wonderful smell!! I get so many compliments on my “perfume” when I wear it. I encourage everyone to research these two Young Living products. Everyone is different and it’s important to figure out what supplements and oils work for you and your body!

Cel-Lite Massage Oil

This massage oil from Young Living contains cedarwood, clary sage, cypress, grapefruit, and juniper. These essential oils along with several carrier oils and Vitamin E help nourish the skin. The bottle says to massage on locations where a more toned appearance is desired. I like to use this massage oil each night before bed. I have noticed a more toned appearance when I use this massage oil daily along with healthy eating and regular exercise. I recently read that you can use this before exercising and I plan to try that out this week!