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Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Support

While it is not necessary that you have Essential Oils for your support, you will find that the Essential Oils play an important role when used as a tool in your healing process. Your emotional well being will improve dramatically and you will notice differences in the physical and spiritual aspects as well.

For many reasons we choose to only promote Young Living Essential Oils. The more you research and educate yourself, you will realize that everything about products come into play when receiving the benefits they can provide. From the farms, farmers, soil, harvesters and the distillation process thru the whole manufacturing aspects the intent of the product has to be forefront. No other company provides the true intent and has a “Seed to Seal” Process.

Synthetic – 100% Therapeutic Essential Oils is a fraud. Synthetic means that that Essential Oil was made in a laboratory and does not come from a plant. There is no difference to the FDA at this time. FDA only requires “truth” in labeling but does not require that the containers sold have 100% of that particular EO. It can have filler vegetable oils. For that matter we stick with EO’s our family trust. We have traveled to farms and have spent time and money on education in this area.

Suggestions for getting started with Essential Oils:

  • Premium Starter Kit – is the best bang for your buck! $165 will get you the oils to get started on your Journey.
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Additional oils you will want to purchase soon:

  • White Angelica
  • Idaho Grand Fir
  • Forgiveness Kit – Highly recommended for those serious about taking their life back
  • Reconnection Kit – Highly recommended for DID, SRA or other sever Trauma related issues