DIY Home Remedies

Spring Cleaning or Death Through Toxicity?

Cleaning. It touches several senses, doesn’t it? “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” is the first thing I heard while envisioning nuns. Next I thought of the extreme diagnosis of OCD in today’s jargon. Did you think of Jack Nicholas? And how many of you immediately “smelled” Pine Sol? Or Clorox? And then did you “feel”…

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Natural Homemade Deodorant that Really Works

I’ve been on a mission for the past year and a half to remove toxins and chemicals from my household. It all started with our health care supplements, and from there it has grown and become almost an obsession to use only the purest, simplest, and health-promoting ingredients in our home. There was an overhaul…

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Homemade Eye Make-up Remover

I want to share with you my eye makeup remover recipe that I have used for several years now. I have to admit that I began using this recipe because I’m a rather frugal (some say cheap) person and if I can make it and it works as well….then I’d much rather do that than…

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